Beneficial Scented Rituals

Palo santo, sage, incense… protective olfactory rituals are making a comeback. Between fumigation and diffusion of essential oils, here are some aromatic plants to test at home.

In the origins of perfume, the term Perfume” (what is released by smoke) refers to the action of burning aromatic materials rising towards the sky. The pleasant scent evokes divinity and is associated with immortality, as opposed to the stench of death. This is how the link between scent and therapy is born. Formerly associated with purification, protection, and offering, fumigations reinvest daily rituals.

Bouquets of white sage, lavender, thyme, palo santo, and incense sticks accompany meditation, yoga, and other full moon rituals. Appreciated for their properties on the body and mind, the essential oils from these plants make excellent accompaniments for those who are in search of interiority and elevation of the spirit.

While some incense sticks present toxicity, probably due to the addition of substances to accentuate their fragrance[1], essential oils seduce for their naturalness. They still require certain precautions for use, some are not suitable for atmospheric diffusion or require dilution in a softer essential oil. Prefer cold diffusion, not exceeding 15 minutes per hour. Be cautious in the presence of pregnant and breastfeeding women, children under 6 years old, epileptics, asthmatics, and in case of hormone-dependent cancer. A piece of professional advice is essential before using essential oils in these people, and do not forget to air your home regularly between diffusions Like شراء عطور اونلاين.

What Are the Essential Oils to Be Preferred to Promote Spirituality and Meditation

The essential oil of frankincense (Boswellia carterii) comes from a plant used since the dawn of time to celebrate many rituals. Incensum also means “pyre offered to the gods”. Its essential oil opens to spirituality [2], and helps to distance oneself from ordinary concerns while having positive effects on morale. It is notably used in the composition of Guerlain’s mythical Shalimar.

Sweet myrrh (Commiphora myrrha) can be considered the feminine counterpart of olibanum. It has a more comforting and warm appearance and is suitable for those who are anxious and feel emotionally and spiritually drained. Serge Lutens’ Myrrh pays homage to the legend of Princess Myrrha, transformed by Aphrodite into this precious tree whose tears gave birth to the famous scented resin.

The palo santo (Bursera graveolens), also called sacred wood, is an Amazonian tree from which the famous sticks are extracted and burned in purification rituals. Its distilled wood offers an essential oil with soothing properties, similar in action to olibanum and sweet myrrh. It is traditionally used to promote refocusing, through its soothing action that keeps bad influences at bay. In this way, it makes the mind clear and available for meditation. Despite some olfactory similarities with sandalwood, it has its own personality, which can be found in the main note in Palo Santo by Carner Barcelona (photo above) and Santo Incienso by The Different Company.

In this regard, let’s mention the essential oil of sandalwood (prefer Santalum austracaledonicum to Santalum album for reasons of preservation of the species) with relaxing, euphoric, and even aphrodisiac properties! If sandalwood is present in many women’s and men’s creations, it is in Chanel’s Egoïste de Chanel men’s perfume that I suggest you find one of its most sensual evocations.

The essential oil of clary sage (Salvia sclarea) promotes self-confidence, creativity, and dreams. Find it in Yves Saint Laurent’s La Nuit de l’Homme, alongside sandalwood.
Benjoin Bohème (diptych), Myrrh (Serge Lutens), Egoist (Chanel)

Benzoin (Styrax benzoin), mentioned in the composition of the holy chrism, acts as a protective balm for the skin and the soul. The vanilla scent of its resinoid -obtained by extraction of the resin with ethanol- is particularly comforting, but it should be diluted to a maximum of 20% in another essential oil for use in diffusion. Caution, do not heat as it is flammable. It is found in Benzoin Bohème de Diptyque and Vanille-Benjoin d’Affinessence.

Whether in fumigation, diffusion, or perfume, aromatic plants have not finished bathing us with their beneficial effects and شراء هدايا اون لاين!

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